Covid 19

Updated: January 2022.

As you are aware the recent Covid-19 pandemic changed the way in which we work and interact with our pupils. After reviewing the most recent guidelines we are able to offer two options for pupil assessment and we require confirmation as to which option best suits the needs of your educational setting.

Option #1: Socially distanced assessment.
Option #2: Remote video assessment.

These are as follows:

Option #1: Socially distanced assessment.

This takes place at your educational setting and largely follows the traditional testing arrangements, but with some modifications to comply with COVID related guidelines.

It’s important that you are able to provide a suitable environment for testing to take place. Please ensure that you are able to provide the following:

  • A room with an open window.
  • A 2 meter distance between the pupil and the tester must be possible.
  • A desk large enough to safely arrange a barrier screen and resources.

We will providing a number of items and implementing the following procedural steps to ensure safe practice:

  • A portable protective screen will be placed between the pupil and tester.
    Where required the tester will wear a face covering.
  • Test areas (the desk, screen and chair) will be sanitised in between pupils.
  • The provision of alcohol gel for pupil and tester, to be used before and after each session.
  • Stimulus cards will be displayed in protective stands, not handled by the pupil.
  • Pupils will be tested one to one only, unfortunately there will be no group sessions at this time.
  • Test packs for pupils will be created and stored in sealed envelopes for 72 hours prior to testing.

Each test pack will be opened ready on the desk for the pupil on arrival. A test pack will contain the following:

  • All test materials
  • An A4 envelope for the pupil to name and date.
  • A brand new unused pen.
  • Data protection notice.

In order to adhere to government guidelines, it is required that at the end of each testing session the pupil will put their completed tests into the provided A4 envelope and place into a collection box. Completed tests will remain sealed and stored for 72 hours before marking and completing the required Form 8’s. Completed paperwork will then be posted securely back to your educational setting.

A copy of my risk assessment documenting these measures is available HERE (Covid-19 Risk Assessment) and it will be required that the SENCo sign in advance of my arrival. As you can imagine this new way of testing requires greater preparation, administration and pupil turnaround time, however we expect to still average 8 pupils a day when testing at your educational setting.

Option #2: Remote video assessment.

Please note: The JCQ urge where possible that assessments be conducted face to face, however remote video testing is possible as a ‘last resort’. If you wish to book for remote video assessments, there is a requirement for a 1 hour pre-assessment setup and training session with a member of staff at your educational setting, to ensure that remote testing is feasible.

As an educational setting you will need to provide:

  • A quiet test environment with access to power and the internet.
  • A laptop with a clear screen, a webcam and speakers.
  • Adequate space for the pupil to complete the assessment.
  • The pupil with:
    – 3 pieces of lined paper.
    – A pen.
    – A data protection notice.
    – A member of staff to observe the remote assessment.

The process will work as follows:

  1. Your SENCO will receive remote meeting details for a Teams/Zoom assessment session.
  2. At the start of the day, the tester and staff member will ensure everything is working correctly.
  3. Pupils will need to be brought to the assessment area by your staff member.
  4. The tests will begin when the tester has explained the process to the pupil.

Note: It is your responsibility for sanitising the assessment area between assessments.

When tests have been completed, and all paperwork collected, it will need to be either:

  • Scanned and securely emailed to Senco Services.
  • Packaged and securely posted to Senco Services.

Once the completed assessments have been received with Senco Services, Form 8’s can either be:

  • Completed electronically and securely emailed to you.
  • Completed and securely posted to you.

In all instances, all marked assessments and test materials will also be securely posted to you.

We expect to still average 8 pupils a day when conducting remote video assessments.