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Providing a range of Special Educational Need services, SENDCo support and Exam Access Arrangement within the Education sector.

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Pupil Passports

We can design tailored proformas for your Individual Education Plans as required for your pupils, we will then work with your teams to offer a quality assurance service, ensuring that your data is accurate, relevant and in line with SEND best practices and standards. We know how hard it is...

Exam Access Assessment

We have numerous Level 7 Qualified Assessors that can work with your pupils to carry out Exam Access Assessment to determine if any access arrangements are required. This includes assessing for: We can support your team with orchestrating your Exam Access Arrangements (EAA), preparing the required folders, completing both the...

SENDCo Mentoring and Support

Many SENDCos are starting their journey, qualifying in post or challenged with their work load. Whatever your situation as a SENDCo, we can support you. The following services are currently the most popular:

Interpreting Professional Reports

Our consultants are familiar with reports from a large number of professionals and are able to read these and translate their content in order for SEND practitioners and families to better understand. A list of the types of reports we are most often asked to support with:

Independent SEND Audits

A Senco Services SEND Audit reviews your key policies and practices, gauging their effectiveness and identifying any gaps in your provision, process, and responsibilities. If you wish, we can then work with your SENCos and Senior Leadership Team to implement positive improvements and improve your procedures. This is the perfect...

EHCP Applications

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to requesting an EHC Needs Assessment (EHCNA) from the Local Authority – If accepted this may end up as an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP). The supporting evidence and documentation requirements vary depending on the needs of the child and...

Dyslexia Screening

We offer a thorough Dyslexia Screening Service and provide a supporting report indicating the likelihood of the candidate having Dyslexia, it will advise as to whether a full Dyslexia Assessment. In addition, the report will provide recommendations for learning success and suggestions for the next steps in the learning/diagnosis journey.

Graduated Response and APDR

Planning and implementing the graduated response and an effective Assess Plan Do Review (ADPR) cycle in your setting:

Dyslexia Assessment and Diagnosis

Our PATOSS registered assessors can carry out all aspects of Dyslexia assessment and diagnosis for those in Key Stage 3, 4 and 5, as well as Post 16 / adult diagnosis. A full detailed report is provided with recommendations for future learning strategies.

Irlen Testing

Our Quallified Senior Irlen Screeners are able to assess and diagnose young people with Irlen, as well as suggested recommendations for their learning and produce a report to support this. We can also provide the necessary screens and lenses post diagnosis. Irlen Syndrome (also labelled- Scotopic Sensitivity,Visual stress, Meares-Irlen) is...

Specialist Teaching

With a wealth of experience teaching the hardest to reach pupils, we offer bespoke packages for pupils with Specific Learning difficulties, Social and Emotional Mental Health needs and Communication and interaction needs. For short term or longer term placements, contact us to find out more about the packages and resources...

High Needs Funding

Support with the application for High Needs Funding, to enable SENDCos to identify and appropriately band pupils on the SEND register to acquire appropriate funding. Our experienced High Needs Funding specialist has over 15 years of working for the local authority and a HNF moderator, we are experienced in both...

Educational Reports

We are able to assess a pupils learning needs and write reports detailing their strengths and areas for development. All reports come with recommendations for future learning success. These reports are written in line with the British Psychological Society and PATOSS guidelines. We can also provide specialist Educational Psychologist assessments...

Training Services

We offer a range of staff training services, available to your SEND department, Leadership Team or Whole School. Training can be tailored to your specific needs, and you will be provided with a full range of materials to take away and use within your ongoing practices. JCQ Update Training:Working with...

EHCP Advice

In addition to supporting the EHCP application process, we often attend Annual Reviews and offer professional representation to ensure that the child or young person gets the recommended level of support. Senco Services may not be responsible for meeting the child’s EHCP needs, however we can identify issues in the...

Annual Reviews

Our consultants can lead or guide your team through the Annual Review process. We can work with all parties to establish a time table for your school, supporting the distribution of invitations, running the Annual Review, and completing all of the Statutory paperwork. We have vast experience working with different...

SEND Programme Design

We collaborate with charities, academy trusts and others to design, contribute, and execute SEND programmes and initiatives. As advisors we can shine a light on the SEND education system, delivering tailored training on specific SEND conditions, or we can work on the ground leading in the programme delivery. Furthermore, we...

Data Analysis

Our team are adept at working with Schools performance data to identify gaps, trends and anomalies. Using this data to inform change, this can be carried out in a variety of ways: