Working with Adult Education providers

Needs within the Adult Education sector are often overlooked, with the SEND code of Practice only reaching as far as 25 years.

At Senco Services we understand that SEND doesn’t have an age limit!

We are able to support Adults and Adult Education providers in many ways – from the diagnosis of conditions such as Dyslexia or Irlen, writing up British Psychological Society approved reports, right through to developing learning materials for Adult Education Centres for those with SEND.

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Examples of working with Adult Education providers

Services of interest for Adult Education providers

SEND Programme Design

We collaborate with charities, academy trusts and others to design, contribute, and execute SEND programmes and initiatives. As advisors we can shine a light on the SEND education system, delivering...

Dyslexia Assessment and Diagnosis

Our PATOSS registered assessors can carry out all aspects of Dyslexia assessment and diagnosis for those in Key Stage 3, 4 and 5, as well as Post 16 / adult...

Dyslexia Screening

We offer a thorough Dyslexia Screening Service and provide a supporting report indicating the likelihood of the candidate having Dyslexia, it will advise as to whether a full Dyslexia Assessment....