Working with Charitable Organisations

At Senco Services we work with several Charitable Organisations to help them achieve their goals.

This often comes in the role of:

  • An SEND Advisor
    Helping the charity understand how SEND is handled within the Education sector.
  • A SEND Programme Contributor
    Helping to design charity funded initiatives for SEND children and their ongoing operations once deployed.
  • Offering Parent & Carer SEND Support
    Providing charity funded services to those that need access to SEND advice and process.

If you are interested in understanding how Senco Services can assist your charitable organisation, get in touch for a free discussion.

Examples of working with Charitable Organisations

Services of interest for Charitable Organisations

Training Services

We offer a range of staff training services, available to your SEND department, Leadership Team or Whole School. Training can be tailored to your specific needs, and you will be...

SEND Programme Design

We collaborate with charities, academy trusts and others to design, contribute, and execute SEND programmes and initiatives. As advisors we can shine a light on the SEND education system, delivering...

Educational Reports

We are able to assess a pupils learning needs and write reports detailing their strengths and areas for development. All reports come with recommendations for future learning success. These reports...

Irlen Testing

Our Quallified Senior Irlen Screeners are able to assess and diagnose young people with Irlen, as well as suggested recommendations for their learning and produce a report to support this....

Data Analysis

Our team are adept at working with Schools performance data to identify gaps, trends and anomalies. Using this data to inform change, this can be carried out in a variety...

May has provided us with valuable insight into working with schools and gave us a lot of guidance around programme implementation. She has been wonderful to work with.

Sita Patel

Ambitious about Autism