Suffolk Multi-Academy Trust in 3rd year of Senco Services supported mental health programme

Senco Services have been working with the Eastern Counties Educational Trust (ECET) for more than 5 years. Shortly after COVID-19, Senco Services approached the trust with the vision of developing a Mental Health programme to address the increased mental health challenges in primary education.

The Eastern Counties Educational Trust (ECET) supports the education, training, care, and welfare of people with special educational needs, particularly those under 25 with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

We compiled a report, working alongside The Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Diocesan Multi-Academy Trust, evidencing how the prolonged period of isolation and the removal from social and educational environments had impacted the mental health, educational progress and development.

We successfully secured funding for the programme, in which services were delivered with the support of the YMCA Trinity Group, who were providing a qualified Mental Health therapist to conduct one-to-one therapy, with additional group sessions focused on self-esteem, anxiety, behavioural and family challenges.

The programme has been so successful, that it is now in its 3rd year servicing the needs of 21 primary schools in Suffolk.

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