What does educational testing look like in a Covid-19 world?

As everybody knows, schools and educational settings are having to adapt and put in measures to reduce the transmission risks of the Covid-19 virus.

This means that interaction within the classroom and with other support staff is having to change.

At Senco Services we’ve studied the government and JCQ guidelines to ensure we can operate in the safest way possible, while still maintaining a high quality service in which we can effectively assess and determine the needs of your students.

This means that there are a few modifications to the way we prepare and conduct assessments – a full overview of the Covid-19 measures and assessment options is available on our Covid-19 page, so please check it out.

In additional to wearing a mask, we will have a perspex screen and we will be providing sealed test packs containing all of the items a student needs to perform their tests, including: the JCQ data protection notice, a pen, paper, and any additional instructions or test material. When the student is finished, there is an box in which they can post their completed assessments, where they will remain until it is safe for us to review and document their results. In between students all work surfaces will be wiped down and we would ask that students use anti-bac gel as they arrive and leave the assessment area.

Safety, both of your students, your staff and our team, is of high importance to us – so we thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we all work through these challenging times.

The images below may help you and your teams understand what the new setup will look like, from both sides of the screen!

If you have any questions about our Covid-19 processes and proceedures, please just get in touch.

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The student's perspective when being assessed.
The student’s perspective
The assessor’s perspective