Changes to educational testing from September 2020

I hope this post finds you well and you are settling back into the new ‘normal’ as we begin a new school year.

As you are aware the current pandemic has significantly changed the way in which we all have to work and interact with our pupils. After reviewing the most recent guidelines I am able to offer two options for pupil assessment and I require confirmation as to which option best suits the needs of your educational setting.

Option #1: Socially distanced assessment.
Option #2: Remote video assessment.

We’ve added a new section to our website that provides all the details you need to know in order to prepare for your educational assessments.

Read all of the details HERE

As you can imagine these new ways of testing require greater preparation, administration and pupil turnaround time, however I am hopeful we will still average 8 pupils a day when testing at your educational setting, however there are some minor cost adjustments – please see below.

Moving forward there will be a small adjustment to my per pupil pricing:
£10 per pupil (Assessing: Extra Time, Scribe).
£14 per pupil (Assessing: Extra Time, Scribe, and a Reader).

In addition, the preparation, marking, completion of form 8’s and distribution of results can no longer take place at the same time as the pupil assessments, which means additional time is required off-site in order to complete the assessment process. This means that each day booking, which remains at a cost of £240 per 6 hour day, will require an additional 2 hours of ‘off-site’ time charged at £40 per hour.

If you require a 1 hour pre-assessment setup and training session for video assessments, this will be charged at £40 per session.

There will be no additional costs for the secure postage and transfer of assessment documentation.

We appreciate that no one likes process and cost changes, but hopefully there is an understand of reasons driving these adjustments. Should the guidelines change we will review these processes accordingly.

Thanks for your ongoing support, May.